Procurement Services

In general, procurement or purchasing is simply defined as the process of obtaining or buying goods and services. Many times a company will “leave money on the table” by treating this critical function as merely “placing orders”. Buzzelli Advisory Services takes the approach that the process of procurement must be a key component of a company's strategy. The ability to purchase quality goods and services at the optimal prices will determine if operations will sustain and grow. A company may not survive if it's cost of procuring goods and services is more than the profit it makes on the actual revenues generated by the products or services sold.

Buzzelli Advisory Services can assist in this critical area by utilizing our experienced resources to engage with your staff to optimize the processes in place or if required, implement a process that fits your business needs. Our firm will assist as necessary in the areas of purchase planning, standards, vendor management, leveraging spend, price negotiation, payment terms and contract mangement to name a few.

Similar to other services we offer, we recognize that there are companies who need these areas of expertise and may not have the resources to hire a full time Procurement Manager or professional. Buzzelli Advisory Services can fill the void by partnering with you to provide the appropriate level of resources and expertise required on a less than full time basis.

In short, our focus will be to ensure you meet your GOAL:

  • Growth

  • Optimize

  • Align

  • Leverage



Procurement Services

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