Price Negotiation and Contract Management

The process of negotiating has a very defined flow. Negotiation begins with the first contact between the purchaser and does not end until a properly executed clearly defined contract is signed.

Buzzelli Advisory Services has the experienced resources to work with you to achieve the critical success factors of pricing and contract management.

We will assist you in:

  • Finding ways to reduce costs while increasing your purchasing power
  • Obtaining more favorable payment terms, which leads to increased cash flows and profits
  • Rationalizing the supplier base and enter into long-term agreements with an appropriate number of suppliers for your business. We can show you how negotiate significantly lower prices for items that were previously purchased from a larger number of vendors.
  • Development of a true partner type of relationship which will lead to increased quality and service levels. This will in turn produce long term relationships, steady flow of goods and services that benefits all parties in the supply chain.
  • All negotiations begin with clearly defined predetermined objectives. Without having these objectives the risk of of price, quality or service concessions are likely.
  • Once the decision is made, objectives are agreed upon by both parties, the contract is finalized.
  • We have experienced resources who will work with you to ensure proper language is used, your interests are covered and the partnership with the supplier is a fair and prosperous one for both parties!



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