Metrics and Measurement

Once the procurement process is defined, and is in place it is critical that you have controls, metrics and scorecards in place to ensure you can quickly measure your success, identify areas of opportunity and ensure objectives are met.

Buzzelli Advisory Services can work with you to develop a set of metrics that will allow you to monitor and control the critical areas as defined. Our resources will work with to determine what is critical to measure, how to measure it and the frequency of measurement.

Typical Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Include:

  • Actual versus Targeted Cost Savings
  • Percent of On-Time Supplier Deliveries
  • Supplier Defect Rate
  • Procurement Cycle Time
  • Number of requisitions generated
  • Number of purchase orders created
  • Vendor management targets

This data is available typically “inside” the basic systems and processes utilized by the various functions of the company, we can show you how to obtain the data, prepare clear KPI’s and distribute to the “right audience” in the company.

We will tailor the right metrics and KPI’s to fit your needs!



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