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BAS has been established to be the structural bridge for a CEO who leads a company that has the need for controller or CFO competencies, but is not quite ready to invest in a full time position. We have learned through executive recruiters that organizations never fulfill all of the competencies that they need or want whenever a candidate is hired. A company is rarely satisfied with its choice in a candidate. They often live with the ‘competency gap’ between their ‘desired’ candidate and the person whom they hire. This insight is especially true in the complex world of financial reporting and analysis. Controllers and CFO’s rarely satisfy all of the expectations of the CEO or owners. BAS can fill the structural need as well as bridge the competency gaps of its clients accounting function by bringing to each client the more than forty years of experience its principal has.

BAS has access to proven controllers and CFOs who either want to work full or less than full time for companies as their controller or CFO, depending on the companies needs. The principals of BAS would oversee their work, would plan to meet with the CEO or owners regularly to review the results of operations, and to discuss critical business plan opportunities.



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